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We are Marketing and Promotion Agency helping Western lifestyle brands to grow sales in China. For newcomers, we help to build China sales funnel and bring convertible traffic, as for B2C and B2B sales.  

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Baidu is leading marketing tool in China,
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China Lifestyle Marketing

China Lifestyle Marketing

Baidu search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are the most important tool to bring direct traffic and popup when potential Chinese customers are searching for your products or services.

Baidu is has big variety of services in helping brands to reach their targeted segments groups. With continuous research and development Baidu offering up to date solutions in contentiously changing China business landscape.

China Lifestyle Marketing

China Lifestyle Marketing

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Baidu at a glance

   700 million Chinese customers are searching for your product
  72.9% of the Chinese market share
  200 million daily active users
  Nasdaq: BIDU; HKEX: 9888
  Baidu – 百度 – means hundred times / countless times
  Multiple services provided by the group’s business and subsidiaries
  Less GDPR restrictions allows more services for brands
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About Baidu

There are several key players in china, including Haosou, Sogou, and Shenma, in the space, Baidu is undoubtedly the first port of call for most companies looking to run search marketing campaigns in China. According to Statista, Baidu has 74% of the Chinese search market, with Sogou coming in second place with almost 14%.  
As a platform, Baidu offers more than just paid search advertising. With the ability to run in-feed ads and create brand zones, advertisers have a wider variety of methods to reach their target audience.  
When a search is driven by purchase intent, the vast majority of Chinese consumers would turn to an e-commerce platform such as Tmall, Taobao, or rather than searching on Baidu. If Chinese consumers are at an earlier stage of their purchase journey, they are more likely to turn to search engines for product reviews, style guides and other information, to help inform their purchase decision.  
Baidu’s own keyword planner is a great starting point for estimating the number of impressions we can expect for certain keywords, allowing you insight into daily impressions, estimated cost-per-click, and the level of competition. The all-in-one advertising platform help us precisely target audiences in China.
When advertising on Baidu, localizing ads is important for success. Rather than simply translating ads, we use on-the-ground experts who are able to tailor ads to the local market and trends.
Restrictions on foreign content

New media & society, 2014, Vol. 16(2) 212–233; Min Jiang, UNC Charlotte and University of Pennsylvania; The Business and Politics of Search Engines: A Comparative Study of Baidu and Google’s Search Results of Internet Events in China.

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Baidu services

Free Traffic - SEO

Search engines, like Baidu, are designed to help people find what they are looking for. By optimizing a webpage for search engines, we will make Baidu realize that your webpages are the right respond to be send to searchers. We will initiate for Baidu to test it and your website will start to get free flow of traffic for specific keywords.

Paid Ads - SEM

Baidu Search Engine Marketing (i.e. PPC or Pay-Per-Click) refers to the ad on Baidu’s search engine results pages. For international brands, it is the fastest and most effective way to get traffic. We set up campaign in the way it becomes one of the most efficient method to get conversions.

Banner Ads - Network

Baidu Display Network will display advertising on 600,000 third-party websites and apps.
Text, images, flash and floating adverts format ads that we will setup in campaign according to users behavior, demographics, interest and other metrics that help us to target exactly the right audience for the right products.

Info seeding - Community

Baidu is running numerous information portals, e.g. Baidu Baike (‘collaborative Chinese encyclopaedia’) is the equivalent of Wikipedia with 800 million internet users. We help to place information, so it would be reachable to targeted audience and would initiate action into marketing funnel.

Keyword planner

Collecting Chinese keywords that your audience using is much more efficient than just translating existing keywords. In the process, we identifying by using Baidu keywords tools the most optimal phrases that targeted segment using in search engines that lead not only to inexpensive traffic flow, but also that would have desired conversion rate.

Traffic analytics

Baidu Analytics is a analytics solution that gives us rich insights into your site/app traffic. We will arrange audience data that would help us to plan content, improve the user experience and increase overall conversion rate by concentrating to campaign that bring the best results.


Baidu providing advance tools to group users in group according to many factors. The segmentation process in Baidu we do is a synchronization of targeted audience set in the marketing strategy and that has a great impact on results of the campaigns and their profitability.

Lead generation

There are many tools Baidu developed for lead generation and collection. We help international brands to obtain those tools to make China market process easier, as e.g. placing their lead collection landing page on Baidu network and server helps much smoothly collect leads and integrate them to CRM.

Non-Chinese companies are able to open Baidu account and operate their ads. However, to run successful campaign requires a lot of work-hours, experience and involvement with verification formalities. We help our client to register their account and transparently run campaigns with analytics reporting.


What service would benefit your brand?

China Lifestyle Marketing

China Lifestyle Marketing

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China Lifestyle Marketing

Marketing in China for lifestyle brands 

Chinese consumers take “the pursuit of an active lifestyle” to an extreme. The primary purpose of new brand is not to own that, but to declare its ownership. “Camera eats first” – popular phrase in Shanghai snobby restaurants, symbolizes well China lifestyle marketing.

In contrast, there are a broad range of inspirational young consumers who are not only concerned with getting noticed, but seeking a higher purpose and more fulfilling life experiences. More millennial and Gen-Z consumers in China are motivated by opportunities to make a social impact and are environmentally conscious. Brands that align themselves with these values building communication channel with consumers including content that reflects audience on a more meaningful level.

Our China lifestyle marketing experience, shows that one of the most effective ways of relating to customers in China is to communicate with them on a deeper level: answer their questions, become their friend, thank them respond to their feedback; and take their feedback seriously when creating future content.

Baidu offers the most convertible traffic
in China with advance segmentation

Data acquisition laws allow,
progressive segmentation and targeting.