CHIMONY Marketing and Promotion Agency is helping Western lifestyle brands to grow sales in China. For newcomers, we help to build China sales funnel and bring convertible traffic, as for B2C and B2B sales. Fill the form below and we will share our ideas on your brand development opportunities in China.

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Data gathering and information services

There is different laws considering data gathering in China in comparison to western world, especially comparing GDPR to Chinese legislation we find that it stress different aspects of information and data gathering. That has limits in some aspects and provides opportunities in another.

Our clients receive updated information to support their marketing strategy and decision making. We are helping in understanding targeted segment behavior and metrics, or vice versa to map curtain segments that fit certain types of consumption.

There are no doubts on importance of information nowadays. Data gathering can significantly reduce cost of lead generation. Improved decisions for new market opening are more optimal when based on collected information.

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Localized branding

It is not that just brand localization has a proven effect on performance on the market, but there are a lot of examples from big brands failing when ignoring the brand localization in China.

Brand and marketing localization is the process of adapting offerings, messaging, and content to Chinese consumers. Often when marketing research is conducted in depth, we can see that the brand will have a different segment comparing to the home market.

The major 4P are product, price, promotion, place that are usually added within each industry with positioning, packaging and people. We also imprecise the importance of physical evidence and the process. And the most important part to synchronize those part together in the single China market strategy.

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Market strategy

There are many ways to reach targeted sales level and market position in China. Most failers are happen when the approach and customer journey was not considered, with decision to try some popular marketing tools as a quick fix.

Some brands are lucky and their offering in the stream of existing trend, however often it would require a more resources and build up approach for China market. The approach is individual that will choose the most optimal way to reach set goals for China market.

We help western brand to form the approach for China with setting realistic goal within existing resources and the budget.

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China marketing consulting

We can only provide an advice to companies when we understand their current situation,  brand values and specific goals.

There is no single right solution, but finding most optimal way to reach disired position with existing resources.

The better our team understand our client, the better can provide tailored solution for the exploration of China market or new segment of Chinese consumers.

Our clients often receive unexpected insights of opportunities within China’s market. Every success story of our clients is important part of our success.

Information based decisions,
Requires quality data and analysis

Modern tools in gathering data and extracting accurate information,
saves resources and empowers high quality decisions.