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We are Marketing and Promotion Agency helping Western lifestyle brands to grow sales in China. For newcomers, we help to build China sales funnel and bring convertible traffic, as for B2C and B2B sales.  

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Chinese Tiktok is most dynamic marketing
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China Lifestyle Marketing

China Lifestyle Marketing

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China Lifestyle Marketing

Marketing in China for lifestyle brands 

Chinese consumers take “the pursuit of an active lifestyle” to an extreme. The primary purpose of new brand is not to own that, but to declare its ownership. “Camera eats first” – popular phrase in Shanghai snobby restaurants, symbolizes well China lifestyle marketing.

In contrast, there are a broad range of inspirational young consumers who are not only concerned with getting noticed, but seeking a higher purpose and more fulfilling life experiences. More millennial and Gen-Z consumers in China are motivated by opportunities to make a social impact and are environmentally conscious. Brands that align themselves with these values building communication channel with consumers including content that reflects audience on a more meaningful level.

Our China lifestyle marketing experience, shows that one of the most effective ways of relating to customers in China is to communicate with them on a deeper level: answer their questions, become their friend, thank them respond to their feedback; and take their feedback seriously when creating future content.

DouYin's data helps marketers relate
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ByteDance has provide most advance promotion tools, first by
DouYin on China market before introducing to global TikTok