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Best brands –
all are on Tmall

Space where users are ready
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Tmall is China’s leading e-commerce platform

With the increasing growth of online shopping, Chinese consumers now have a greater desire than ever for reliable and accessible purchasing platforms and services, where consumers can shop for certified brands in one-stop shopping marketplaces. To get visibility and legitimacy, brands who wish to conquer the Chinese market will have no alternative but to participate on Chinese leading e-commerce platform.

Selling your items on platforms that are known for the quality of their products is one of the finest ways to acquire consumer’s trust. The two main platforms according to this criteria are Tmall and For many reasons, Tmall has been a prefered choice for foreign brands to reach Chinese consumers.

Tmall is the most respected
ecommerce platform in China

Strict regulations and requirements ensure that
platform has lowest level of fake and low quality products.

Shop Management and
Customers Acquisition

Is your Taobao/Tmall shop well-organized so that potential buyers may simply locate your brand and purchase your products?

Have you optimized your store and product pages so that they rank well on Tmall/Taobao ‘s onsite search engine?

CHIMONY is a leading online marketing firm in China, provides results-driven ecommerce store optimization that boosts store traffic and sales.

We understand how to take a seemingly complex topic and make it eminently comprehensible and persuadable for your customers. 

We specialize on generating more sales, as from the traffic from the same platform, as from bring new customers from external marketing campaigns.

Tmall has the best service
for foreign companies and brands

Tmall enable all services related to store management
for companies that doesn't has operations in China

Cross border Ecommerce

Yes, there is a way to sell products to China without registering China company and opening office in China. Foreign companies are allowed to make sales operations in China and import product only after it was sold to end-users. However, there are some limitations, but for most foreign brands it allows easy start.

Cross-border e-commerce is simply the importation of goods from sellers from foreign countries. Cosmetics and care products, food, fashion products including luxury goods are very popular items of cross-border eCommerce in China. For merchants looking to sell directly through online in China, there’s plenty of good news. According to research, 85% of online purchases in China occur on digital marketplaces.

Three Approaches to Ecommerce in China

Our team will help to discover all options that
fit your brand's China marketing strategy.

Store profitability and returns

Store ROI veries a lot accross industries. The cost of running ecommerce store is more or less the same for different product. However, customer acquisition cost varies a lot of different segment.

CHIMONY helps their client not only run their store but also bring the right traffic to the store. For some product’s we pre-condition the traffic in order to increase store’s conversion rates. We make detailed analysis of pricing, since it plays a big role in having enough margin to cover necessary promotion costs and communicating to end-users the expectations for the quality.

Every decision we make is driven by a single goal: to assist your brand to scale the growth on China market. We’ll use our marketing expertise to get your brand in front of the appropriate people in a way that’s memorable, relevant, and cost-effective.