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We are Marketing and Promotion Agency helping Western lifestyle brands to grow sales in China. For newcomers, we help to build China sales funnel and bring convertible traffic, as for B2C and B2B sales. For companies with Chinese operations, we offer marketing and sales promotion solutions to acquire higher market position.

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China Lifestyle Marketing

China Lifestyle Marketing

Our work starts from analyzing existing situation of the brand and its surrounding environment in China. We involve in decision making and forming marketing strategy. We perform dynamic market testing to current initial strategy and to evaluate future performance.

China Lifestyle Marketing

China Lifestyle Marketing

Sales Development

Full Ecommerce package. Lead generation. B2B sales. Market positioning. Agents and distributors.

Increase brand awareness. Brand localization. Brand differentiation from competition.

Social Media

WeChat, Weibo, DouYin, RED, +++. Targeted advertisements. Brand presence, seeding and followers.

Content marketing

Copywriting, graphic and video content developing. Editing and design.


Localizing websites in China (i.e., content, hosting, ICP). Payment gateways.

Search engine Ads (SEM) and SEO. Banner advertisement to specific segment.


Targeting travelers from China (stages: planning, traveling, arrived). Chinese leaving outside China. Travel agencies.

Competitors analysis. Segmentation. Market positioning. Media plan. Market research. Marketing strategy.


Influence marketing (i.e., KOL, KOC, blogger). Targeted ads. Media advertisements. Offline promotions.

360-degree services to
raise your brand sales in China

Performance orientated and results delivering
marketing and promotion agency in China.

Performance orientated and results delivering marketing and promotion agency in China.

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Consulting on
China marketing

We can only provide an advice to companies when we understand their current situation,  brand values and specific goals.

There is no single right solution, but finding most optimal way to reach disired position with existing resources.

The better our team understand our client, the better we can provide tailored solution for the exploration of China market or new segments of Chinese consumers.

Our clients often receive unexpected insights of opportunities within China’s market. Every success story of our clients is important part of our success.

Marketing tools not bring goals,
China marketing strategy does

There are a lot of conversion promising solutions, a lot...
Results comes from fitting each action into your brand's China roadmap.

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Team of experts

Our major project execution team is located in Shanghai office. To cover all required skill-set our team has in-house expertise consist of  specialists: copywriter, graphic designer, social media promoter, media planner, marketing analyst, data miner programmer. Most of the video content we outsource to specialized studios or influencer. The important part is done by administration and project managers that make sure smooth coordination and timely communication.

In order to successfully build marketing channels connected with a sales funnel that converting into sales, our team has broad set of expertise. Our major focus is  marketing, however understanding situation with aspects of legal, logistics, administration plays important role in order to setup an efficient business process.

Most of our work is tailored for a specific project and brand. We do offer ready packages, but mostly as a reference and a cost benchmark. We have expertise to develop specialized tools in data collection and lead generation that helping our clients to significantly reduce customer acquisition cost (CAC). Each tailored solution is a result of close cooperation together with a client’s marketing team.

Choose Social Media
where Chinese will find your brand

Social media space in China is completely unlike western media space,
many platforms targeting specific demographics and segments.

Social media space in China is completely unlike western media space, many platforms targeting specific demographics and segments.

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Download inspiring China Market‘s Reports:
Reach Niche Market
Segmentation of
digitalized consumers
Social Media
WeChat, Weibo, Xiaohongshu


Taobao, T-Mall,
Payment gateways
Alipay, WeChat pay
Video platform
DouYin, Kuaishou, Youku, iQIY TV

China Lifestyle Marketing

China Lifestyle Marketing

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China Lifestyle Marketing

Marketing in China for lifestyle brands 

Chinese consumers take “the pursuit of an active lifestyle” to an extreme. The primary purpose of new brand is not to own that, but to declare its ownership.    “Camera eats first!” – popular phrase in Shanghai snobby restaurants, symbolizes well China lifestyle marketing.

In contrast, there are a broad range of inspirational young consumers who are not only concerned with getting noticed, but seeking a higher purpose and more fulfilling life experiences. More millennial and zoomer generation consumers in China are motivated by opportunities to make a social impact and are environmentally conscious. Brands that align themselves with these values building communication channel with consumers including content that reflects audience on a more meaningful level.

Our China lifestyle marketing experience, shows that one of the most effective ways of relating to customers in China is to communicate with them on a deeper level: answer their questions, become their friend, thank them respond to their feedback; and take their feedback seriously when creating future content.